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Spectator Possession (Part 1)

My buddy Roger and I had found an absolute holy grail for our pervy male minds. It was a spell that let you possess anybody you liked, so long as you knew their name and had a piece of their clothing. from there, it wasn't a far leap at all for us to concoct our plan. We'd possess Haley, the hottest girl in school, and take all sorts of photos and videos of her body doing whatever we liked. Roger wasted no time in cutting a tiny piece of her jacket off and sneaking it home with him.

Unfortunately, I drew the short straw, and had to be the one to actually do the possessing. I was not too crazy about the idea of actually being a girl, but Roger talked me into it. "Come on, Marcus, we knew one of us would have to. Plus, you know I'll do the next one." Alright, that'd work out. Knowing Roger, he'd probably want to one-up whatever we did with Haley next time, so it's just as well I don't have to do that.

The ritual was simple enough. Light some candles, draw a symbol on the floor around the clothing, and read some words. I can't say it made sense, but it wasn't that hard. Once the spell was finished, the lights in the room suddenly went out. At least, that's what I thought until I looked around for the switch. It seems that Haley had been trying to go to sleep. The spell had worked.

I got out of bed, and thoroughly examined myself. I stripped down and admired my stunning body. Damn, maybe it was just the angle, or maybe she dresses really conservatively at school, but I never would have guessed her tits were this nice. I ran a finger over her left nipple and discovered they weren't just incredible to touch, but they also loved being touched. I stared at my temporary, gorgeous body in the mirror and jumped around. I know I should be contacting Roger to let him know it worked, but there's no harm in putting on a show for myself.

After maybe a minute of excited bouncing and jiggling, I said "It's always so adorable when they think they're in control." What? Why had I said that?
"I wrote that spell, stupid. Don't you think I'd know what you were up to when I found part of my jacket gone?" Wait, Haley was still in here?
"Yes, I'm still in here. I just warded my thoughts so you can't hear them. I can hear yours though. You and Roger huh? I'll have to remember to pay him back too." I paced back and forth, freaking out, then abruptly stopped, and doubled over in laughter.
"I'm sorry, I just can't resist toying with you after what you did. Does it really feel like you're controlling this body at all?" It really did. But come to think of it, I don't know if I decided to pace around the room or not. "See, any time I do something, I think about doing it first. And I have to reveal that thought to you for a split second if I actually want my body to respond. I guess it just seems to you like you're just doing all this on a whim."

She'd hit the nail on the head. But it was more than that, it was also the sensation of everything. When she said those things, I could feel my mouth moving, and the vibration in my throat, and the air coming from my lungs. Nothing at all was out of the ordinary. If I weren't constantly telling myself this was all her doing this, I'd never have believed it. Hell, I still didn't believe it.

"Aww come on, you've got to give me that much credit. Here, I'll show you something that will prove you're not doing any of this." I picked up her phone (no, SHE picked it up), and dialed a number from memory. "Hey Chris," I felt myself getting excited as I began to talk. My heart was beating faster, and my voice was a tad higher. Fuck, I'm not getting her thoughts, but her body is still definitely getting hit by her emotions. "I'm lonely, and everybody here is asleep."
"Is that an invitation" a deep voice said on the other end.
"You have to ask? Hey, I want to try something tonight. You remember two years ago when we lost our virginity? You remember how nervous I was, and how amazing and gentle you were taking me through my first time? I really miss that. When you get here, how about I be the nervous high school virgin, and you can stay my experienced stallion of a boyfriend who takes care of me."

I put down the receiver. "There, let's see if you think any of this is actually your idea." And again, I began to laugh.

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"I'm glad to see more of your captio..."
DateMarch 23, 2017 Tags


Ich und meine Freundin liebten Rollenspiele beim Sex. Wir probierten vieles aus: Chef und Sekretärin, Lehrerin und Schüler, Mieterin und Vermieter...
Doch als ich ihr ein Mutter-Sohn Rollenspiel vorschlug, wurde sie wütend.

"Denkst du etwa beim Sex an deine Mutter? Willst du etwa mit ihr schlafen? Du Perverser." schrie sie mich an.

Ich wollte mich noch entschuldigen und sagen, dass es eine dumme Idee war, doch da holte sie schon ein seltsames Juwel aus ihrer Handtasche . Ein Blitz traf meinen Körper und ich sah aus, wie eine perfekte Kopie meiner Mutter.

"So, jetzt kannst du deine schmutzigen Fantasien mit deiner Mama endlich ausleben."
Ich wusste nicht weiter. Meine Freundin war wütend auf mich und redete nicht mehr mit mir. Und meiner Mutter musste ich erklären, warum sie plötzlich eine Zwillingsschwester hatte.

Und heute ist etwas sehr seltsames passiert. Ich saß im Wohnzimmer und plötzlich stand meine Mutter in sexy Unterwäsche vor mir und schaute mich mit einem Blick an, den ich noch nie bei ihr gesehen hatte. Anscheinend hatte auch sie schmutzige Fantasien. Wie zum Beispiel, mit ihrer neuen Zwillingsschwester ein kleines Abenteuer zu haben. Ich zögerte, doch dann entschloss ich mich, den Dingen ihren Lauf zu lassen.......

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It happened at the pool

Leslie loved her boyfriend a whole lot. She always said that she'd do anything for him. Since she was a practicing witch, that covered a whole lot of territory. He liked leggy blondes, so she became a blonde hottie. When he said he liked bisexual girls, she became one. As they were sitting at the poolside one afternoon, he casually mentioned that he'd love to have a threeway with her and another girl.

She just smiled and walked towards the restroom. On the way back, she bumped into Mike. He couldn't help but ogle the lovely girl, but this was not the right person to upset, even for an instant. With a wave of her hands and an application of her power, Mike changed.

Instantly he went from being an obese man in his 40's, to being a short brunette woman in a bikini. "Here's the deal, sweetie. You wanted to sleep with me a minute ago, right? Lucky you, you got it. But also, we're gonna be in bed with my boyfriend. If you want your own dick between your legs again, you best make sure he has a great time with us. But not too great. If he likes you more than me, you'll regret it."

Mike had no choice but to agree to her terms. "Umm, I guess, call me Michelle?" she said as they walked over to Leslie's guy. "Hey honey." she said. "Meet my friend, Michelle. Take a picture of us, would ya?" It didn't take any more suggestion than that, and he invited Michelle to sit with them. A bit of leading conversation later led to the bedroom, where they had their threeway. But Michelle wondered, "Was I good enough? Or too good?" Only time would tell.

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@Kara Elle
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"Please make this a series ! I like ..."
DateMarch 23, 2017 Tags

House Rules Operation

Diana had a real jerk for a boyfriend, but she had heard some interesting things about this guy named Brad in town. Word was, he had some weird games that changed people who played them. Since it was always consensual that people played, he kept inviting people over for games. Jack was a jerk, but he wasn't a moron. Diana knew she'd never get him to go for a game at Brad's house.

Fortunately, Brad was amenable to a little bribe, especially when the bribe was delivered orally by a busty brunette. Afterwards, he gladly lent her his specially altered Operation game. While Jack was at work, she got busy setting things up, even getting into a sexy nurse costume as icing on the cake.

Jack walked in the door and was confronted by his sexy girlfriend standing there with a smile on her face. He had no idea what he'd done right (and he HADN'T done anything right in a long time). But when she said she wanted to play Operation with him, he couldn't agree fast enough. They sat and began to play.

When she removed his leg bones, he found he could no longer walk. His heart began to pump harder as she explained that this was one of Brad's games, and that he had to play until the end. His hand shook as he tried to place the leg bone back in, and when the buzzer sounded, his legs grew slender, smooth, and smaller, with smaller feet too! One piece at a time, she took away, and he tried to replace them, only to hear that dreaded buzzer.

As the buzzer rang when the new Janice failed to replace the head bone, she shook her blonde locks with a smile. "Oh, gosh, I guess I lost, huh? Oh, jeeze! Look at the time! I guess I need to get into my costume for the party too!" She stood up and giggled as she went to squeeze into her own sexy Harley Quinn skintight costume. "Maybe we'll meet some cute boys there, Diana! Let's go!"

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@Kara Elle
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Mutual Pleasure

When my girlfriend Marissa and I found a potion that could give us our ideal bodies, naturally we assumed the bodies would be fairly different. Turns out, this sort of thing was never meant for couples. We both took a swig, and my girlfriend read out an incantation, and stated clearly, like we practiced, that we wanted to be healthier, sexier versions of ourselves, and incredible in bed. Well, since she was the one to read the spell, we both became sexier versions of her.

It didn't happen immediately. As a matter of fact, that first night we figured the potion had been some kind of joke, maybe a leftover from some fantasy themed party or something. However, over the course of the next few days, we began to see some changes. My girlfriend was ecstatic to see that she was dropping dress sizes, while her bust grew larger. Meanwhile, I assumed she was just imagining things. After all, I wasn't getting any sexier. If anything, I'd gotten flabby over the last few days. It wasn't until she brushed her hand over my nipple during sex one night, causing me to let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure, that we realized what was up. I spent the next week taking time off work, as we watched my body slowly shrink and reshape. My girlfriend was incredibly anal about taking measurements, and actually seemed excited each time I lost an inch around the waist or a couple inches of height. When my breasts started to come in she was positively giddy. The second I told her what I thought was happening she rushed out and bought bras in every size I could imagine. After more than a week of her fussing over me, and parading me around our apartment as dolled up as she could get me, we finally agreed that it looked like the changes had stopped.

Just because the changes were over didn't mean I'd discovered everything that was different though. Remember, we wanted to be amazing in bed. Now, that could have just meant that we could show anybody who slept with us a great time, but it apparently made it way more pleasurable for us as well. And, since we shared the changes, I should have guessed we'd share the pleasure as well. That was rough to learn as I applied for a new ID, while my girlfriend explored her new form across town. Once we had it figured out though, we had an agreement. We would wait to sleep with each other, that way nobody would be blindsided by an orgasm when they weren't expecting it.

That worked out well, for maybe a month. But a month of no masturbation didn't suit my girlfriend well, especially since she confessed to me that she just isn't that into girls. So one day, just as I was finishing up at work, I felt something was wrong. I felt a now fairly familiar feeling in my crotch. Somewhere, she had to be rubbing her clit. The warmth grew, and I felt a sharp jolt of pleasure from my left nipple. Then my right, then both, all while the yearning in my crotch grew. How was she doing this? When I felt a firm squeeze on my ass, I knew. She wasn't doing this.

I managed to clock out early and make it to my car. I rushed out of the parking lot, driving like a mad woman, and eventually found a secluded spot to weather the storm. I parked, and it was a good thing I did. My legs spasmed as I felt what was unmistakably a dick in my pussy. Even though I knew what was causing it, I couldn't help but roll my head back with pleasure as I felt the sensation of being filled, of the warm pulse of somebody's hard cock in my girlfriend's pussy somewhere far away. I panted and moaned for what felt like an eternity as the pleasure did nothing but build and build. Finally I felt my release, and almost instantaneously the feeling of warm cum spraying deep into me. It took me half an hour to collect myself before I made it home.

That night, my girlfriend (I guess just my roommate now) and I had a long talk. We agreed finally that it wasn't fair for me to forbid her sex, but she'd have to warn me before anything like that in the future. It could have serious consequences if I ever got caught out like that at work and I couldn't slip away.

The following month reminded me of just how active our sex life had been when I was a man. Being single certainly didn't stop this girl from getting laid (although that might have been the body of a goddess she now had). I seemed to spend 4, sometimes 5 nights a week in my room quaking, trying not to think about what was causing the sensations I was trying to endure.

Today, I had a coworker, Ben, coming over, and I made sure my roommate would be on her best behavior. I could barely handle it when she fucked some faceless guy I'd never met. I'd lose it if I had to feel what I knew was a coworker and friend inside me. It was a tough sell, it's well known that Ben's excellent in the sack and he's not bad to look at besides, but I finally got her to give in.

We'd been working for maybe an hour, and I looked up at Ben to ask him something, when I suddenly felt something I'd been afraid of. That same yearning was building in me that always does right before she fucks somebody. I quickly excused myself, and went to find Marissa. "What the fuck do you think you're doing touching yourself now of all times!" I said, barging into her room without knocking. She turned towards me confused. She was laying in her bed, sporting sweats and an oversized teeshirt, watching old reruns of Scrubs. There was clearly nothing sexy happening.

"What do you mean?"
"Cut the shit, I know you're just hiding it to fuck with me. I felt you touching yourself."
"Yeah, I felt that too. But you know that's not what it feels like when I do that right?"
"Oh yeah? Then how come I only ever feel that right before you get fucked? It's clearly a guy fingering you."
"No. I actually jump a lot of them before they even have the chance." Then she started giggling uncontrollably.
"What! What's so funny!"
"It's just," she said, still laughing, "I remembered what that feeling is. That's how I feel when I know I want to fuck somebody." I gaped back, furious "I knew you'd come to your senses eventually, and I love your tastes."
"I do not want to fuck him! Fuck off, just butt out!"
"Well, something's clearly got you worked up then. Don't worry though, I'll take care of it for you."
She laughed, and left the room, I assumed to get some toy. This worked out better than I expected, she hadn't touched me once since confessing that I didn't turn her on.

I heard something vibrating from the other room, and stripped down to prepare myself. But the door never reopened. Instead, I felt a surge of pleasure in my pussy. I collapsed on the bed, caught totally off guard. The feeling only grew more intense, and I felt the stretching as her pussy accepted the vibrator. I totally got over my hurt feelings from her not even wanting to look at me like this. This was bliss. I brought my hand down to my slit, doing my best to add to what she was doing in there. My breathing grew quick and shallow as Marissa picked up the pace.

Just then I had a worrying thought. What if she was just doing this so I wouldn't notice when she went and fucked Ben? I sat up, ready to compose myself and confront her, when the door opened. "Marissa said you needed help-" he dropped off in mid sentence the second he saw me. I had to have been a sight, naked and dripping with sweat, still rubbing my clit and taking in sharp breaths like a virgin on prom night.

I opened my mouth to shoo him away, but could only let out a moan as I felt something icy cold pass over my nipple. Ben didn't wait for me to find my words after that. He had his pants off and was half way across the room before I could even try to say anything else. At that same moment, I felt Marissa stop what she was doing. Looking at Ben's massive cock, already rock hard, I felt an aching emptiness inside me. The last coherent thought I had before wrapping my legs around him was "Marissa's not going to know what hit her"

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"Glad to see the queen is back"
DateMarch 23, 2017 Tags

Great Shift: Pilot

"Good day ladies and gentlemen on our flight to the beautiful island of Tortuga. This is captain Jake Wright speaking. We are scheduled to arrive in forty-five minutes to our destination. The weather is a sunny eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Our company and our crew wish you a comfortable trip"

Jake flicked off the intercom system. He loved to fly, if only he could get rid of his passengers. He snickered at the thought of opening up the hatch and throw them off the plane. Too bad it was impossible as long as the cabin pressure was inside higher than the atmosphere pressure on the outside.
His greatest love was to roam amongst the clouds or discover remote locations from the air in his own private plane. There was a sense of adventure to it.
Still after twenty years as a pilot his profession could fill him with joy.

Jake hadn´t engaged the autopilot yet when the Great Shift hit the Earth.
Instead of looking forward and only seeing the sky Jake suddenly just saw a big flight seat in front him. He blinked a couple of times to make sure he was awake. Had he fainted?
Screams was heard both in front of him and in the rows behind him. It was impossible to discern what people was saying.
A young girl began to tug his arm and yelled at him to give her back her body.
It was now Jake noticed that his body wasn´t his anymore. He seemed to look like a scantily clad woman instead.
The shock didn´t hold him especially long, he was a trained to keep his head cool in difficult situations.
One problem was all the people running around and messing up the aircrafts center of gravity. But a more grave problem became visible when he glanced out the cabin window and noticed that the aircraft had begun a slow descent. His blood became cold and immediately began to rush towards the cockpit.
"Get out of my way! I`m the pilot!", he yelled repeatedly at people that was blocking his way in the aisle. At first they gave him a perplexed look at first but moved over.

He made it to the cockpit and the door was thankfully open. Inside he saw his body crying and screaming for mommy. It was a disturbing sight.
But that had to wait. The aircraft kept its steady descent towards the ocean. He hadn´t much time left.
Mustering all the strength his slender body could offer he managed to push his crying body away from the captains seat. A stray thought made him wonder where the co-pilot had disappeared to.
He took residence in the seat, put on the headset and called the Tortuga Air Control.
"This is flight T4353 from Miami to Tortuga. Mayday. Mayday. We have encountered a strange phenomenon where multiple people have switched bodies".

Silence. Only static was heard.

"Um, dude. Same thing happened here. I`m in some guys body. Where am I? Looks like an airport", somebody spoke up on the radio.

"Them too?", he thought. No help from the tower in Tortuga then. He focused his mind on the task ahead, even though he felt a couple of "distractions" jiggle on his chest.
Then he yelled at the people on the intercom to sit the fuck down if they wanted to survive. It seemed to do the trick.

The landing strip appeared in front of him. Jake carefully scanned both the sky and the ground to see if there were more planes in the vicinity. It seemed clear. He took the chance of landing blind.

The tires hit the ground and he applied the brakes. It was a standard landing, all by the book.
He taxied to a place far from the terminal just in case more planes came in, just to be safe.
He stopped the aircraft, cut the engines and recomended people to open up the doors so they could get fresh air until someone could get a ladder to them.

Jake had performed his task well, everybody was safe and sound, and he could finally relax.
He basked in the quietness that surrounded him and closed his eyes.
His senses sent him all kinds of alien signals now. The soft breeze against naked skin, the slight weight tugging down on his chest, the long hair tickling his neck, the sense of lightness in his much smaller body and most of all; the tight shorts that signalled that he had lost his bulge in the groin.

All in all he felt lucky. They had survived.

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Orcs Sex Slave

One Orc was all that terrorised a village. The kingdom had sent several of their best warriors to try and deal with it. But none came back.

I took on the task of trying to find a way to deal with it. No warrior, I thought there might be a way to find out more and base a strategy on guile, not strength of arms.

The villagers were very welcoming. They told me the beast demanded maidens to be sent to it. But any they sent came back bedraggled and ruined. None able to take the creatures might cock.

That night I awoke to a strange sensation. My body felt so strange and as I rose I could see myself transforming. In just seconds I had gone from a man to an incredibly busy maiden.

I saw several of the men in the room with me, one holding a book.

They tied me up and through me over a horse.

On the way they told me they were taking me to the lair of the Orc. Tired of his demands for their woman none of whom could satisfy they decided to use a magic book they found on a stranger to create a woman of the Orcs desires. And I was the first to come along.

They told me once he filled my new pussy with his seed I would be stuck as a slut forever.

Leaving tied up outside as dawn broke I saw the creature emerge from the cave and looked upon me with lust filled eyes.

Soon he was filling me with his incredible cock. The feel of it stretching me out drove me wild. He told me no woman has been able to take his entire length until I did.

He fucked me in all sorts of positions for hours, never coming though I lost count of the amount of orgasms that flowed through me.

I begged him not to cum in me and he laughed saying he knew of the spell and how it would lock me in the body forever. How the villagers had told him of his plan.

Eventually whilst pile-driving down into me he let out a roar of triumph and I felt his hot potent seed spurting deep into my womb.

After that he dragged me back into his cave and when I was not satisfying his needs I was acting as his domestic slave.

Of course things will change soon as my belly grows with his little orclings. Soon there will be more than just us two rattling around the cave.

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"Great caption. Makes me wish I was ..."
DateMarch 22, 2017 Tags

Most interesting

In my experimentation I had found a way to transform a persons body completely, into whatever form i chose. Using a mixture of traditional science and alchemical formulae any shape, size, colour, was possible but my 'test subjects' maintained their own minds at first this wasn't an issue, my tests focusing on animals and having devised a mixture to return the subject to their original state. Within a month I needed to test human subjects, of course i paid them at first the alchemy helping with that too or the subject requesting a specific change with no reversal. But then I started to use my 'enemies' as tests trying to find the perfect mix to make them female, loyal and subservient. Failure after failure i kept getting it wrong I'd get loyal and female but willful or female, subservient and mischievous, I was on the verge of giving up when the gods, better known as a close friends and high ranking police officer brought me an old acquaintance with a request, that the piece of filth never be seen again so i doubled the loyality and subservience mixtures crossed my fingers and jammed the bottle down his throat. This picture was an hour later, I asked her her name she just opened her mouth and said anything then waited for something mouth open.

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