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Welcome to Open TG Captions

The best way to read and create TG captions.

Why is it so cool?

Contrarily to Blogger or Tumblr, you can create captions here without having to master any kind of photo editing software.
Also, when creating captions on Open TG Captions, they are ready to be read by thousands of users all around the globe. Why would you create a blog in the shadows when you can be exposed here and share your work with people who have the same interests as you?

The community

Open TG Captions has a huge community of creators and readers who believe in this website.
The website was created and is managed by one person but every one can influence the future of the website. Open TG Captions is made by a member of the community, for the community

The website and its updates

You are currently browsing the 4th version of the website. It is the result of a lot of work and is not entirely completed yet, but please bear in mind that this was created and is still being worked on only by one person.
Many updates will come.